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Providing a safe and open space for conversations to unfold about racial and social justice, religious freedom, oppression, poverty, and many other issues affecting our community. Providing information about local events, organizations, and activities for other new and seasoned activists to stay plugged into their local community, get recharged, and continue to persist.

Our Mission

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About the PerSisters

In February 2017, Alsúin, Alycia, Maureen, and Suja met up for a radio interview with the local WRIR station here in Richmond, Virginia. We instantly connected and felt like our conversation needed to continue into a regular program.

Over the next few weeks, we kept in touch and did some research on equipment and got the ball rolling around the time Nevada ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). A lot has been happening in our communities and the nation and the world - so naturally, we have a LOT to say about it. First things first - let's say something about ourselves:


Alsuin is a forty something mother of three annoying, frustrating, entertaining and desperately loved twerps who keep asking her to do things for them. She was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and has lived in Richmond since 1996. She became a citizen of the United States in August 2016, so that she could vote for Hilary Clinton, but that didn't work out so well. She now feels personally responsible for jinxing the election and hopes to redeem herself by being an active member of the resistance and bringing her love of shenanigans, roguishness and general tomfoolery to the table. Her hobbies include cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, driving places, grocery shopping, feeling indignant when she reads the letters page of the Richmond Times Dispatch, and practicing her already incredibly proficient skills at being a Domestic Slattern. As a child of the 1980's she is a little heavy-handed with the black eyeliner and probably needs to accept that she's never going to marry Simon Le Bon.


Favorite Podcast: A Storm of Spoilers with Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzales and Neil Miller.

Currently Reading: "Pour me, A Life" by A.A. Gill

Religious/Spiritual: Culturally Catholic but honestly, whatever floats your boat.

Favorite Sports Team: It's a tie between the Irish National Rugby Team and the Dublin Gaelic Football Team.


Alycia is a former public Exception Ed teacher of twelve years. She also worked in childrens' residential psychiatric hospital and group home environments.  Alycia is currently a homeschooing mother to four daughters. She spends her free time with her husband/children and bringing awareness & support to local groups led by & organized to help historically marginalized peoples. She also spends time promoting progressive agendas/candidates at the local and state levels.

Favorite TV Shows: Blackish, This is Us, and Underground

Currently Reading: "The Color of Food: Stories of Race, Resilience, and Farming" by Natasha Bowens

Religious / Spiritual: Christian

Coffee or Tea: Neither!


Maureen is a former Republican and graduate of Longwood University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and background in the Arts concentrating in education, film, graphic design, painting, and sculpture. She enjoys kayaking on the James River and is an adamant supporter of environmental causes. She also served in years past as a youth mentor, and believes we need to let kids unplug from electronics and get bored. "It's in boredom that our imaginations come to life. It's through our imaginations that we create. While it's important to have STEM in the classrooms, we really need STEAM - which would include the Arts. STEAM powers motors and engines and STEAM moves us forward toward progress."


When she's not being so serious, you can find Maureen at the Coalition Theater enjoying local improv. She hopes to get back up on stage when she's not so busy - Yes, And! - and persists on keeping humor alive and well in these strange times we're living in.

Favorite Podcast: You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes
Currently Reading: "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler

Religious/Spiritual: Episcopalian / Progressive Mystic - I'm always seeking and don't enjoy binary labels!

Favorite Sports Team: Gryffindor ☺ 


Suja has a background in management, fiscal and forensic analyses, and general nonprofit consulting. She holds an a B.S in Psychology and Master's of Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. She enjoys running, tennis, a good cup of coffee, and all things coconut. On regular basis, Suja's friends send her pictures of the organic pressed-juice, with the same name "Suja" and is entertained by how her name is now associated with a hipster beverage. She's passionate about social justice issues and recently got involved politically at the local level to bring about positive contributions to her community. She's also a mother of two, who constantly amaze her and keep her laughing. As an aside, she hates grocery shopping and longs for the day when all groceries can be ordered online, and delivered for free to your home (and yes, Relay Foods is available, but isn't free, and she knows this is available in locations outside RVA). ☺

Favorite Podcast: Obviously the PerSisters Podcast!

Currently Reading: "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World" by Adam Grant

Religious/Spiritual: Muslim

Favorite Quote: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi