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Getting to Know You

April 8, 2017



First things first: I'd love to give a special shout out to photographer Cathy Hoyt who took some amazing photos of us on our first ever episode! THANK YOU!!!!


Cathy is the next best thing to Annie Liebowitz here in the Richmond, Virginia area! :)

WE DID IT! We recorded our first episode!


We had NO IDEA what we were doing! We didn't really prepare for what we would talk about or how we would introduce ourselves - we literally leaned in and winged it. And in my opinion, as we should for episode number one since we went into this experience with the agreement we wanted the podcast to be a natural conversation.

That being said, we learned some things! Things like volume levels, that we need to be mindful not to talk over each other, AND to remember we're being recorded!


We're going to make mistakes. It's going to happen and that's okay! It's how we learn and progress not just as a group of women recording a podcast, but as a society.


We've got some great episodes already in the works coming up. You'll notice our format will ebb and flow from interview to conversation from time to time as we delve into various issues and topics. Next up is a quick featured interview on House of Delegates Candidate for the 62nd District, Sheila Bynum-Coleman. Check out her website to learn more about her and when and where you can vote for her if you're in the 62nd District here in Virginia.


Have a great weekend!

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