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Coffee, Tea, and a Side of Common Sense

April 17, 2017




Coffee & Tea lovers will love the opening of our new episode. We LOVE local coffee and tea. Alchemy, Lamplighter, Perk, Rostov's, and Stir Crazy... we love it all! Especially the Richmond Blend tea from Rostov's. Spoiler alert - After the recording, I brewed the weakest pot of Richmond Blend for Suja and Alsúin and I am ashamed that it was about 1% as strong as what it needed to be. I'll do better next time!


Podcast Revelations

We take a minute to reflect on our experiences doing this podcast after the first episode. We have received a lot of great feedback and we've taken some advice from our listeners into account. Thank you all so much! Please take a moment to give us a review on Facebook!


Lunch Shaming: Full Bellies = Sharp Minds

In New Mexico, a bi-partisan bill passed to outlaw lunch-debt and meal/debt-shaming. Take a minute to watch the video above to have a better understanding with what has been happening in our school systems.


Can we just agree that if kids go to school and get a computer and text books, they should also be allowed to get lunch no matter their socioeconomic status? It would streamline budgeting, accounting, and the process of getting kids in and out of the lunch line.


"Are you able to distinguish an adult problem that is not the child's doing?" - Janis Arnold-Jones, former NM State Representative.


So here in the 7th Congressional District, the VA 7th District Concerned Citizens stood up last month to bring this issue to the surface and forefront of the dialogue when it comes to our students and our future. They began a fundraiser to help alleviate the school meal debt in the 7th District and so far they've raised over $6,000 - BUT this is just a drop in the bucket. Henrico and Chesterfield counties' meal debt alone exceeds $60,000. Visit their fundraising page and reach out to them if you'd like more information. 


Get Involved Now

As you might have noticed, there is A LOT of activity happening not just in Virginia, but all over the nation. If you're in the Richmond, Virginia area - check out Persist RVA's website which has funneled a lot of the various activist events into one giant calendar. Check it out here: www.persistrva.org


The following are just a few things the PerSisters wants to highlight:

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