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April 21, 2017

Jenefer Hughes - Commissioner of Revenue

Jenefer Hughes needs to raise $3,400 by April 23rd in order to pay the filing fee to run for the Chesterfield County Commissioner of Revenue. Click here to please give whatever you can for this amazing candidate!


Danica Roem for Delegate in District 13

I just heard/saw Danica give a speech and talk about some issues in the Commonwealth as a whole, and in her district particularly, on April 20th at Manchester Middle here in Chesterfield County. She is running for the Virginia House of Delegates seat in District 13 - currently held by "Bathroom Bill" Bob Marshall - or as I like to call him the Potty Marshall.


Danica is inspiring! First and foremost, let's talk about something people - especially candidates - don't talk about a lot - TRANSPORTATION! We know in Chesterfield this is a real issue with big businesses coming in and employees having to either battle traffic or skip out on better paying jobs due to lack of public transportation. Have you driven up to Manassas ever? Remember what it was like driving on Rt. 28 twenty years ago? Have you been down it lately? Not much has changed.


For some, this might be a nice thought - nostalgia - but in reality it means the areas that are cut through Rt. 28 are passed over for economic growth. It means the road isn't any safer than it was 20 years ago. It means when you get stuck behind a slow moving tractor, you still have to risk your life to speed around them.


Bob Marshall has had 25 years to fix this. He's never touched it. Instead he's concerned about degrading his constituents because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. It's 2017, no one has time for this crap.


PLEASE SUPPORT DANICA ROEM! She needs money honey to get the word out on what she's about, her qualifications, and why people should vote for her. Click Here to visit her site to learn more and to donate - AND - even if everyone visiting this site only gives $10, that means one of her staff gets to eat and pay their bills. If everyone gives $20 - She can run a couple more mailers. If everyone gives $50 - she can double those mailers and if everyone gives $100 - she can stop asking for money. Again, I beg of you - CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT DANICA ROEM TODAY.


We hope to have Danica on the PerSisters Podcast soon!

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